2019 Best of Taste Awards

Mystery judges visited Taste of Cincinnati’s food truck preview on Second Street, and friends of Taste of Cincinnati and local media partners gathered at Findlay Kitchen to choose the 2019 Taste of Cincinnati Best of Taste winners and runners-up. 


Restaurant Best Dessert
Tied for Third Place: Spumoni Cannoli – Pompilio’s
                              Black Forrest Cake – Oakbrook Bakery 
Second Place: Crème Brulee – Market Street Grille
First Place: Apple Quince Pie – Alfio’s buon cibo

Restaurant Best Appetizer
Third Place: Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Kisses – McCormick & Schmick’s
Second Place: Gnocchi Bolognese – Alfio’s buon cibo
First Place: Lightning Wings – Revolution Rotisserie

Restaurant Best Soup-Salad-Side
Third Place: Thai Papaya Salad – Sawasdee Thai Cuisine
Second Place: Gods’mac Grippos Mac & Cheese – Tickle Pickle
First Place: Cambodian Chicken Taco - Mahope

Restaurant Best go Vibrant!
(These menu items adhere to the American Heart Association per-serving standards of 6.5 grams or less of total fat, 1 gram or less of saturated fat, a half gram or less of trans fat, 20 milligrams or less of cholesterol, and 480 milligrams or less of sodium.)

Third Place: Buns N Roses Black Bean Burger with Cashew Cheese – Tickle Pickle
Second Place: Poke Cupcake – Poke Hut
First Place: Cambodian Portobello Mushroom Taco - Mahope

Restaurant Best Entrée
Third Place: Gourmet Mac & Cheese – Market Street Grille
Second Place: Brisket – Just Q’in BBQ
First Place: Pork Grenade – McK’s Chicks

Food Trucks

Food Truck Best Dessert
Third Place: Turtle Fried Cheesecake – Hungry Bros.
Second Place: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cupcake – The Cheesecakery
First Place: “Make it a Sundae” Brownie – Sugar Snap!

Food Truck Best Appetizer
Third Place: Smoked Lamb Nachos – Wicked Hickory
Second Place: Lobster Poutine – Harvest Mobile Cuisine
First Place:  The Stroll – Adena’s Beefstroll

Food Truck Best Soup-Salad-Side
Third Place: Sprouts – Harvest Mobile Cuisine
Second Place: Brisket Mac – Wicked Hickory
First Place: 12 hour Braised Brisket Bowl – Texas Joe Tex-Mex

Food Truck Best go Vibrant! 
Third Place: Strawberry Chicken Taco – The Tin Man Grill
Second Place: Pink Lemonade streetpop - streetpops
Tied for First Place: Swordfish Kebab with Molasses Glaze – Screaming Goat
                             Fruit Punch streetpop - streetpops

Food Truck Best Entrée
Third Place: Jerk Chicken Nachos – Just Jerks Ena’s Jamaican Grill
Second Place: Cheesy Garlic-Style Italian Beef – Adena’s Beefstroll
First Place: Smoked Rib Tips – Sweets & Meats BBQ